Why Pedestals?

Patios or decks with slopes for drainage benefit from the use of a pedestal/paver system. The new deck is safe, attractive, and completely level, while protecting the waterproofing and drainage without any penetration of the waterproof membrane.

Pedestal Supported Decking in Northridge, CA
Weller Deck Before
Weller Deck After

Pedestal supported pavers raise the surface of the deck to the threshold of the entry, meeting ADA requirements while allowing for safe and easy access. Since water naturally runs through the spaces in the pavers or tiles, sufficient drainage is maintained, and no water is left puddling on the surface of your deck.

ADA Deck

Pedestal decking can support a variety of pavers and even joists on a sloped surface without any penetration of the waterproofing, creating a safe, attractive level patio surface while maintaining the deck's natural draining properties.

Penthouse Structure
Penthouse Structure